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What do I do if I have internet connection on a fleet device but it is not showing up on screen?
First, check Layers-Assets and make sure Assets is checked. If it is checked and your device is still not showing, contact MAPS, it’s possible that we’ll need to reset the DNS server.  But, typically, ensuring that Assets is checked will suffice.

How do you setup access so a user at location X can only see trucks assigned to that location?
Under the User Profile, there are options for “Profile Level Access”…. If the “Business Unit” is selected, they can see everything.  If you change that to “Location”, then you can select specific company locations, and then only those assets associated with those locations are able to be viewed.

What do the various LED lights on the modem signify?
The four front panel LEDs show the status of various items and can be used as a troubleshooting aid. They are multi-colored:
• Off – No activity
Red – Not functional
Yellow – Limited functionality
Green – Fully functional
• Blinking – Shows altered or reduced functionality

Power LED
This monitors the input power or shows if the device sees a GPS signal.
• Off – No power or input voltage ≥ 36VDC or ≤ 9VDC
• Red – The device is not operational (failure or in low power mode)
• Yellow – The device is entering low power mode or system low level boot
• Green – The device is connected to nominal power and is operating normally
• Green with a momentary yellow flash – The device has a GPS fix

Activity LED
This shows the radio’s activity.
• Off – The LED’s normal appearance
• Flashing green – The radio is transmitting or receiving

Signal LED
This shows the cellular network’s signal level.
• Flashing red – No signal is present (RSSI > -110 dBm)
• Red – A bad signal is present (RSSI > -100 dBm or ≤ -110 dBm)
• Yellow – A marginal signal is present (RSSI > -85 dBm or ≤ -100 dBm)
• Green – A good signal is present (RSSI ≤ -85 dBm)

Network LED
This monitors the cellular network.
• Red – No cellular network is present or the device is in radio passthru mode  (There is no network coverage at the location)
• Flashing red – The device is attempting to connect to the cellular network
• Yellow – The cellular network is found and the device is connecting
• Flashing yellow – The cellular network is unavailable (The device was unable to authenticate on the network)
• Green – Connected to the cellular network
• Flashing Green – The device is roaming

Reference Materials

Dispatch Permissions can be found here: DispatchPermissions-1-2

What are the rules for the Dispatch crop colors and how they are displayed?
Dispatch Map:
Only Crop polygons assigned at time of Blendsheet creation are displayed on the Map and the color by combobox
The Crop Combobox for Searching is coded to search only the Field Crop (updated every half hour)
Dispatch Grid:
The Crop Combobox for Searching is coded search only the Field Crop (updated every half hour)
The Grid only displays Primary Crop in the Field Crop field (updated every half hour)
Dispatch Cab:
Crop polygons at time of Blendsheet creation are displayed

What do the different status and priority events mean when assigning a dispatch task from SOILMAP?

1. Ready – is ready to be applied
2. In Queue – not ready to be applied but nearing
3. Cancel/close – change status at a later date Priority
1. Urgent – This requires immediate action
2. Normal – Can be done when schedule allows
3. Low – Fit into schedule as time allows

When you are on dispatch.projectsoilmap.com and looking at the Ready Status options there are multiple listed. What do these mean?
Ready early – the task is marked as ready but current time is not yet to application window start time. Perhaps weeds, crop size, insects are too small or number of days between respray doesn’t allow it.
Ready – task is ready and can be applied. From application window start-up to within 24 hours of end time.
Ready Today – within 24 hours of application window end. Must be sprayed today (24 hours)
Ready Late – is ready but we are past application end time.

How do I confirm the power units and what they are linked to?
This is first permission based(AgronomyAdmin) and will need the correct permission from FM.projectsoilmap.com(Select the lock in top right hand corner) From dispatch.projectsoilmap.com > admin > power units > double click in a row then to change the power unit assigned.

How do you enable the GPS on the Dispatch tablet if it is not enabled?
Enable GPS

Sometimes you may just need to delete the binary files from the InCab app for support. Think of this as a fresh install. These are the steps to perform:
Right click the shortcut
Open File Location
Right click and group by type
Delete all the BIN Files

What is the required screen resolution for Fleet Dispatch?
1920 x 1200

What are the user permissions for Fleet Management?


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